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Female Breeders


Alduin is a 5 year old dragon, our first dragon and our first to have babies here at Dapper Dragons! She is a het Hypo with nice orange highlights. She's obsessed with food and loves to explore!


Autumn is a 2 year old dragon produced by Mike Johnston over at Kids_and_Dragons! She is a Hypo het Trans with stunning oranges and blues. She's the most chill dragon you'll ever meet, loves to be held and gets along with all her tankmates.


Nora is only a year old! She is a Hypo Leatherback. Nora's got quite the attitude! She looks innocent and acts friendly, all the while planning to poop on your lap!


Onyx is also a year old and is our very first dragon we produced! Her and her mother Alduin surprisingly look nothing alike. Onyx was definitely Alduin's darkest baby. Onyx's attitude is larger than life, she likes to hiss and grumble, dash and flee! Easily our most wild child!

male Breeders


Ender is a 2 year old dragon. He is a beautiful Hypo Trans Zero, with a beautiful personality to boot. Ender is a true people's dragon, he loves to be pet and would eat anything you offer him. But if there aren't any girls around, he might as well be hibernating 24/7. Ender loves his naps!


Vinnie is only a year old, produced by Optimum Reptiles. Vinnie is a Hypo Trans Leatherback with a glowing orange coloration. We like to call him Skinny Vinnie since he's very lengthy and prefers small portions. Alongside that, Vinnie is easily our smartest dragon. Everything he does is thought out and calculated. He preserves energy by staying in one spot for lengths of time. When he gets around other dragons he gets very shy and nervous despite being our largest dragon! He's quite the mystery!

Rose Bud

Rose is 4 years old, and is one of our first bearded dragons. Rose Bud came from Spice Dragons and is a Trans Leatherback with the darkest coloration we've ever seen! Rose Bud is an absolute mystery, for most of his life we believed him to be a male up until recently when he laid eggs! Rose is possibly a hermaphrodite having both male and female parts. This is still under investigation, but wouldn't that be quite the story!


Hollo is one of our newest dragons here at Dapper Dragons! He is a Hypo Trans Paradox produced by Kids_and_Dragons. At only a year old, Hollo is very much a ladies man! In fact, ladies are probably the only thing this little guy thinks about! His temperament is very calm and he spends most of his day relaxing by the window.